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Things Get Tense Between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans

Sparks continued to fly for Rashad Evans and Jon Jones as the two made an appearance on CSS's SportsNite to promote their UFC 145 championship bout. Evans criticized Jones' arrogance, while "Bones" had plenty to say in return.

Jones' confidence was the topic of conversation for much of yesterday's airing. It is one of his greatest assets but has caused some backlash from fans and fighters alike. Whatever the case may be, it is clearly a powerful tool for the light heavyweight champ.

"This is just another chapter in my life, a chapter in my story and I think it's so much greater than this fight. And that's why I feel calm and everything. I'm extremely confident and I do believe my own hype and I'm working towards making it true," said Jones.

Evans had a different take on Jones' self-belief and had no problem igniting the rivalry in front of the cameras. The Niagra Falls native called Jones "arrogant" several times throughout the show, at one point even instructing him to "be humble."

"I don't respect Jon as a person. I think Jon is fake and Jon is fake just by even sitting here and saying that this is not going to be personal. Of course this is personal," explained Evans. "He wants to smash me as bad as I want to smash him. He don't forget the look on my face when I wouldn't get off him when I was beating him in practice. He don't forget that."

The feud began after Evans split gyms and was replaced by Jones in a title fight a year ago and it does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. For Evans, history will play a big part in their upcoming contest. For Jones, it's all about the present.

"You're talking about a day where you held me down for maybe thirty seconds and said 'OK Jon, work to get up'," said Jones, responding to Evans' earlier remark. "That's not it at all. Just let me up bro. You didn't strike me. You didn't submit me. You held me down."

The two will get to back up their talking on April 21 as they square off in Atlanta for the title fight.

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