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Theo Epstein Gets 5 Year Deal from Chicago Cubs

While the Boston Red Sox surely don’t want to lose a guy like Theo Epstein, they have to understand that he doesn’t have anything left to do in Boston. He took a team that hadn’t won a World Series title in 400 years and made them a two-time champion. For guys like Epstein, that challenge is over.

So, now it appears that his next stop is in Chicago with the Cubs. According to WEEI’s John Dennis, Epstein has a five-year deal in place with the team in a deal worth more than $15 million.

Now, they need to work out compensation with the BoSox, who would surely never let a guy like this just walk out the door.

The deal is expected to be finalized by the end of the week. The Cubs have not settled on a title for Epstein, but he’s expected to have more power than he did in Boston. How is that possible? He has final say on team logo? He can now say that beer will be served into the ninth inning? No more parking voucher’s for media? EPSTEIN’S CALL.

Ed. Note: Epstein agreed to the deal.


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