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Attention Dan Gilbert, Cavs: Time to Rebuild

The jury is out and the verdict is in…as far as the Cleveland Cavaliers are concerned it would be in the teams best interest to unload both Antawn Jamison and Mo Williams if possible this year. The team, as it is constructed, is a nice team, playoff contenders but ultimately highly flawed and fragile. Anderson Varajao cannot handle to game-to-game beating of playing the center position. Mo Williams is still up and down in almost every facet of his game, from durability to shooting.

Williams is still the Cavs best offensive threat from the guard position. What is to be gained by keeping Mo? His contract is up at the end of the year and he would be a prime candidate for a contending team looking for a scorer.

Jamison’s remaining years on his contract will make him a tougher sell, but as the stretch run approaches, you can expect teams looking for veteran help to be making some calls to the Cavaliers.

The summary? This year is a lost cause. The honeymoon is over. We love the Cavs, we love the effort, we want to support them but the fact remains that Mo Williams is not going to be part of the real future of this franchise. He will have served out most of his contract more than adequately and handled himself like a true professional. For that, Cleveland will always have a place for him in their hearts, especially the love he showed the city during The Decision.

The only way the Cavs would think about keeping Mo is if they decide to make a trade to contend for this year, but a move like that could be futile and could further prolong any efforts at rebuilding the Cavs into a contender.

The focus should remain on obtaining players that can flourish in Byron Scott’s offensive system. The new Cavs need versatile players who, instead of doing one thing great, do several thing very well.

What does that mean? It means that unless you do something at a Hall of Fame caliber level, you need to bring more than just a three point shot or a slick alley-oop game.

I honestly believe that with the Browns playing much better, it gives the Cavaliers some leeway to begin a rebuilding process quicker. Nothing gets Cleveland in a better mood than competitive football on Sunday afternoons. Had the Browns gone even deeper in the tank, the heat brought down on the Cavaliers would have been much more intense.

So maybe Dan Gilbert should send a bottle of champagne over to Mike Holmgren or better yet Colt McCoy.

Regardless of whose palms Gilbert should be greasing, in the short amount of games I have seen from the Cavaliers it’s very easy to realize that this is a team made up of mostly seventh or eighth men off the bench. Imploding the whole team is not necessary, but trading the remaining assets that have no future with the team should be Plan A as the season moves forward.

If Gilbert is worrying Cavs fans might react negatively he should not. All the bandwagoners flew south for the winter and all that remains is the true grit.

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