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The Ultimate Fighter 13 - Episode Three Recap

Episode three of The Ultimate Fighter 13 went off with a tab bite more drama.  Of course, it still lags behind last season’s shenanigans but the season is still young.  Now, on to some random observations from tonight’s episode. 

-  Brock Lesnar’s trademark quote of “Turning chicken shit into chicken salad” comment causes dissention in Team Lesner.  Not sure why his team is taking offence.  Hell, its Brock Lesnar giving you advice for a contact into the UFC.  I’ll tell you what; in every gym I’ve been in that phrase would be the tamest thing you hear. 

-  Justin Edwards joins Team Dos Santos after Keon Caldwell left.  Best thing about Edwards is that dude looks like Randy Couture. 

-  Coach Lew Polley of Team Dos Santos is a drill sergeant, but he does make a strong point about the friendly atmosphere of Team Dos Santos.  Maybe Junior Dos Santos is too nice?  But, that being said maybe Polley is a bit overboard.  These fighters need tutelage both in training and in building up their confidence. 

-  Len Bentley snitches on Chris Cope for hanging with the other team.  Lesnar’s looks is priceless.  It’s a mix of surprise and, “Are you shitting me” disbelief.  The level of apathy displayed by Lesnar upon hearing this news is worth every minute of screen time. 

-  Dos Santos was forced to bring Polley back down to the fact that it is not “Team Polley” but Team Dos Santos.  Truth be told, Dos Santos is a real chill dude but you could tell he was a bit pissed that Polley was trying to run things.

-  Speaking of which, I like the way that all the coaches came over to help Ryan McGillivray fighter cut the weight.  In the past, this was left up to the fighter and maybe a trusted teammate.  Seeing Dos Santos chilling in the bathroom while he cut weight seemed huge to McGillivary.  Sometimes it’s the little things. 

-  Len Bentley vs Ryan McGillivray proved why MMA is one of the best sports in the world.  For the first two minutes it appeared that Bentley would go all beast mode on McGillivray.  But McGillivray would rally back to finish the round impressively rocking Bentley on their feet and then controlling the action on the ground.  Of course, it was funny how both fighters were completely gassed midway through the second round.  The last minute and a half of the second round looked like a slow motion demo on how to throw strikes in the Octagon. 

-  McGillivray scored the decision and gets pretty emotional after the fight when thinks of his daughter.  Not going to lie, as a father of a little girl, I have to say that my living room got a bit dusty. 


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