The Ultimate Fighter 13 Recap – Episode Ten


The Ultimate Fighter season 13 semifinals take place as the cream of the crop rise to the top this episode as we prepare for this Saturday’s The Ultimate Finale. 

-  Tony Ferguson’s actions last episode was over the line.  Dredging up another man’s child custody issues is taking things too far and his teammates are right to shun him.  Tony’s half-assed apology was a thing of absolute beauty.  Never before have I seen such an apathetic approach to trying to make amended. 

-  Ramsey Nijem rocks John Holmes style porn ‘stache.  Well played Nijem, well played indeed.

-  The season’s first semifinal bout of the night pits Ramsey Nijem against Chris Cope.  While it was clearly evident that Nijem was head and shoulders above Cope in terms of skill, he did fall into the typical pattern of trying for the takedown despite being the better stand up fighter.  Give credit to Cope for continuously stuffing Nijem’s repeated takedown attempts.  However, skill typically wins out in a fight and in the second round Nijem kept the fight on his feet and was rewarded with a TKO victory after he slumped Cope along the cage with a vicious flurry of shots. 

-  The season’s second semifinal fight pitted Chuck O’Neil against persona non grata Tony Ferguson.  Given that Ferguson’s beef was born out of his attack on Charlie Rader, O’Neil’s good friend, the immediate expectations are that there will be blood.

-  Ok, my prediction for blood may have been a bit much but O’Neil and Ferguson did engage in a pretty spirited fight.  Many had predicted that Ferguson was the best fighter in the house and in the opening round of his bout against O’Neil it certainly looked that way.  Ferguson, arguably, has the best striking in the house and his varied attack of crisp boxing and whipping leg kicks had O’Neil backing up throughout the round.  While Ferguson kept his chin tucked and his head constantly moving, O’Neil was a stationary target with his chin exposed in the air.  Ferguson took advantage and tagged him repeatedly.  Ferguson’s excellent boxing battered and rocked O’Neil throughout the second round leaving his face a bloody mess (prediction fulfilled!).  As was the case in the Najiem-Cope fight it was just painfully evident that Ferguson was the much better fighter in the Octagon. 

-  You have to commend O’Neil for his heart but damn if he didn’t take a thorough beating at the hands of Ferguson.  By the end of the fight O’Neil was bleeding, battered, and limping on one leg.  Fortunately, referee Herb Dean eventually steps in and calls a halt to the bout saving O’Neil from taking even more punishment. 

-  Tony Ferguson vs. Ramsey Najiem in will fight for the UFC contract at The Ultimate Finale this Saturday. 


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