MMA: The Ultimate Fighter 13 Episode 6 Recap


Yesterday's episode by far has been the best episode to date.  Not only were there two great, by comparison, fights but the reality show drama we all crave showed up this episode.  Ironically, the drama was not between two of the contestants, but rather two coaches on the same team.

-  Conflict arises early on between Team Dos Santos wrestling coach Lew Polley and Junior Dos Santos.  This time the drama stems from a speech that Junior Dos Santos gives to his fighters about the importance of going for broke in the cage.  Polley then chimed in that the fighters should go in there and try to win by any means necessary, even if it employs the dreaded “lay and pray.”  Basically, this flew contrary to what Junior Dos Santos just told the team.

-  Len Bentley hurts his knee in training and Brock Lesnar is devastated.  Fortunately the knee is just dislocated.  Still, it looked pretty bad when it happened.

-  Coach Lew Polley gets dismissed from the show by Junior Dos Santos.  I can see why Dos Santos was upset with Polley’s assertiveness in coaching, but you can’t front that Lew was a great wrestling coach who wanted the fighters to win.

-  The guys on Junior Dos Santos seemed legitimately bummed that Coach Polley was dismissed.

-  Tony Ferguson shows up to the fight in an outfit right out the pages of GQ.  Have to admit the outfit was on point

-  Justin Edwards vs. Tony Ferguson was the first fight of the night. Despite both fighters not being what you would call technically sound strikers but they did put on a spirited display.  At least until Edward caught a heel kick to the face while Ferguson was on his back.  The result was Edwards getting his brain scrambled with a quick ground and pound.

-  As an aside, Edwards looks like a young Randy Couture, in the face anyways.

-  Zach Davis vs. Chuck O’Neil was the second, and last, preliminary fight of the night and it pitted two wrestlers against each other.   While it lacked the fireworks of the Ferguson-Edwards fight, Davis’ fight clinching triangle was pretty wicked. 

-  Contrary to what many believed, Len Bentley was not selected to fight in the “Wild Card” preliminary bout.  Instead, next week’s episode will feature a wild card battle between Javier Torres and Chuck O’Neil.


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