The Ultimate Fighter 13 Recap and Notes: Episode 7


Tonight’s episode was pretty enjoyable considering that it has been a pretty uneventful season so far.  Still, all things considered there are probably worse ways to spend an hour. 

-  When will fighters learn that Dana White wants emotion?  Len Bentley’s half-ass campaigning for the wildcard spot cost him a shot at remaining in the competition.  Len’s awkward pleading to White early on in the episode left White with a “WTF” look on his face.

-  In Len Bentley fought his fight with Ryan McGillivray the same way he brags about how good he is; then he would have already been crowned the next Ultimate Fighter. 

-  There is probably no one on earth that I would want to piss off than Brock Lesnar.  For Len Bentley to start beef with the former UFC champion takes balls; I’ll give Len that. 

-  Chuck O’Neil’s “bromance” with Charlie Rader is a bit uncomfortable. There, I said it.

-  Take not Shamar Bailey, talking tough with a sleep blindfold is not that intimidating

-  This season’s coach’s challenge is a football drill.  They may as well just called it the “Brock Lesnar Challenge.”  Of course, Junior Dos Santos runs away with the competition.  Credit Lesnar’s horrible passing arm as the culprit. 

-  I have to say, I’m rapidly becoming a fan of Dos Santos.  Though dude just strikes me as a genuine guy.  It was classy of him to split his winnings with damn near everyone. 

-  Javier Torres and Chuck O’Neil battle in the season’s wild card fight. Despite the first half of the first round being an exhibition in cage walking, the fight actually heated up as both fighters became more comfortable in their stand up.  Truth be told, both fighters have glaring holes in their games.  I like O’Neil’s potential, but Torres is nowhere near ready for the UFC. 


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