The Ultimate Fighter 13 Random Observations – Episode Nine

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Now, some random observations from tonight’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter.

-  Chuck O’Neil offers up half of his $5,000 submission bonus to Charlie Rader who is going through some financial struggles.  I have mocked this “bromance” before but I got to say that was a pretty stand up thing to do. 

-  Speaking of O’Neil his battled Zach Davis in a rematch of a preliminary match earlier in the season.  Davis got the submission in their first fight which was pretty lackluster.  This time the action was pretty intense as both fighters traded shots with reckless abandon.  O’Neil got the better of the exchanges in the first round and had Davis rocked on his heels at the end of the round.  O’Neil continued the beating into the second round to cruise to an easy decision. 

-  During the post-fight interview it was hard not to confuse Zach Davis’ face with that from the kid who played in “The Mask.”  Yeah, it was pretty beaten up.

-  Of course, in all seriousness it was later discovered that Davis severed both of his retinas in the fight and is effectively forced to retire from the sport.  A sad moment for a kid looking to fulfill his dream. 

-  RyanMcGillivary vs. Tony Ferguson is the next fight of the episode.  Ferguson demonstrates his dominance with a highlight reel knockout of McGillivary seconds into the first round.  Ferguson is a beast, plain and simple. 

-  Semifinal fights are announced.  Ramsey Nijem takes on Chris Cope and Chuck O’Neil will take on Tony Ferguson.  It looks like the UFC is trying to angle a Nijem – Ferguson final. 

-  Not sure why Nijem feels the need to constantly strip in front of a house full of guys, but to each their own.

-  We get some in-house drama as an overly intoxicated Ferguson turns into Mr. Buzzkill after Charlie Rader playfully pours a beer on him.  For whatever reason Ferguson snaps and Rader and him get into a physical tussle. 

-  Of course, Ferguson crosses the line by bringing up the fact Rader can’t see his son.  This effectively brings out the blood lust in Rader and turns the whole house against Ferguson.  Good stuff. 


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