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The Ultimate Fighter 13 Recap: Episode Four

We are already four episodes in to this season’s The Ultimate Fighter, and well, it has not been the most captivating season to date.  Both coaches, Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos, lack the polarizing personalities that make for exciting television.  Granted, this may all change soon enough, but it’s fair to say that so far I’m not going to chalk this down as a great season. 

Now, on to some random observations from tonight’s episode.

-  Not going to lie, I expected Lesnar to be more of a passionate leader.  Watching him passively give instructions was a little unexpected.  Though, anytime you can hear Lesnar utter the term “Lollygagging” you in effect win. 

-  There is a weird “bromance” between Chuck O’Neil and Charlie Rader. Chuck on Charles about eating his spinach. Apparently they are friends from outside the show.  Though, in Rader’s defense O’Neil is serving as his defacto nutritionist. 

-  Ramsey Nijem paints his toenails metallic silver and opening admits to watching Glee.  Not Sure what that means, but his penchant for getting naked is not what you want to see from your roommate.  Though, calling Shamar Bailey his “chocolate friend” was priceless. 

-  Lesnar brings Matt Hughes in as a special coach.  Watching Hughes work with the guys was pretty cool.  Hughes comes off as a great coach, but then again, we know that from his previous stints as a coach during TUF 2 and TUF 6.

-  Lesnar’s disbelief at Nijem’s toes being painted was classic.

-  The first round of Nijem vs. Rader has got to go down as one of the most boring rounds in MMA history.  Basically, Nijem held Rader against the cage for 4:30 with Nijem finally getting the takedown to end the round.  Round two was infinitely better (though the bar was pretty low) as Nijem’s wrestling controlled Rader until he was able to take Rader’s back and took his back to secure the rear naked choke to end the fight. 

-  Rader’s lack of intuitive in the fight managed to infuriate Lesnar as dissention rises in the ranks of Team Lesnar.  Though, to be honest, it was a pretty horrible performance.   In one of the biggest fights of you life, you can’t turn into a pacifist. 


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