MMA: Ultimate Fighter 13 Random Observations – Episode Eight

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With this week’s news that Brock Lesnar had to bow out of his UFC 131 fight with Junior Dos Santos due to a flare up of his diverticulitis, this season suddenly got a lot less palatable.  Still, this episode saw the begging of the quarterfinal fights and that’s always plus as the action typically intensifies.

Now, some random observations from tonight’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter.

-  You can’t deny that a large portion of air has been deflated from this season in light of the news that Brock Lesnar has been forced to withdraw from his hyped bout with Junior Dos Santos. 

-  Dana White brings in Brian Stann, also known as the real life G.I. Joe.  He gives a largely forgettable motivation speech, but I have nothing but mad respect for him and his service to our country.  I know; I’m a sucker for the good ol’ U.S.A. 

-  In the first quarterfinal match of the night, Ramsey Nijem went beast mode all over Clay Harvison submitting him seconds into the first round with a rear naked choke.  It was the most dominating performance of the season so far and Nijem looks like a favorite to win the whole damn thing. 

-  Watching the “Inside the Octagon” segment each show is usually pretty uneventful but this week’s inclusion of Stephan Bonner was a nice touch.  I’m a huge fan of Bonner’s personality, so the more of him the more entertained I will be.  Though, I fully acknowledge that I am in the clear minority with that line of thinking.

-  Second quarterfinal match of the night features Chris Cope taking on Shamar “Lay & Pray” Bailey.  Bailey’s standup is horrible with Cope’s being just a few notches better.  What Bailey has is wrestling and when that doesn’t work he looks largely one dimensional which is precisely what happened in his fight with Cope.  Cope was able to stuff Bailey’s takedown attempts and pepper him with shots in the center of the cage.  I wouldn’t expect either fighter to be in the UFC if they don’t drastically improve their games. 


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