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MMA: The Ultimate Fighter 13 Episode 2 Recap and Review

The second episode of this season’s The Ultimate Fighter was pretty tame by previously set TUF standards.  Still, there were some interesting observations noted while chugging my diet Sun Drop in my living room.

-  This is only the second episode of the season and we already have a fighter leaving the TUF competition due to being homesick.  Keon Caldwell (Team Dos Santos) was this season’s fighter who just couldn’t take being away from his family and opted to quit and return home.  Not to be a heartless bastard and I do love my wife and kids very much, but dammit you’re here to be a fighter.  One of the downsides of being a professional fighter is the sacrifices you have to make.  Caldwell kept saying that he wanted to be there for his daughter.  Well guess what, winning a contract with the UFC will go a lot farther in providing a better childhood for your daughter than you passing up the opportunity of a lifetime.  This isn’t the first season of TUF and by now fighters should be well aware that they are going to be cut off from their family while the show tapes.  If you can’t handle that, don’t try out.

-  I thought it was telling during the training montages at the beginning of the episode that Brock Lesnar had his team focus on wrestling drills while Junior Dos Santos had his team focus on endurance circuit training.  Clearly, Lesnar still considers wrestling to b the preeminent combat style in the Octagon. 

-  I was skeptical about Dos Santos role as a coach.  He always seemed too reserved to properly motivate fighters, but I was pleasantly surprised to see him getting the most out of his team by shouting encouragement and pushing them to take it to the next level.  To his credit, Lesnar seems to be settling into his role as a coach nicely. 

-  Tonight’s elimination bout pitted Javier Torres (Team Dos Santos) against Chris Cope (Team Lesnar).  Careful editing had us believing that Cope was not of the caliber of Torres but in the fight he proved that he was a tenacious fighter.  Not that the fight was any kind of barnburner but Torres inability to pull the trigger left the door open for Cope to take the three round fight by way of sheer activity.


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