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Real Story Behind Donovan McNabb, JaMarcus Russell and Redskins

Who knows what's going on with Donovan McNabb. Perhaps Mike Shanahan just doesn't like his game decisions, the way he executed the plays called or perhaps he's found after a few months that he just doesn't like him. All I know is that there has to be more to it than has been stated.

Let's face it, to suggest that he's not in shape or that he lacks the mental capacity to run the offense at a point in time in the game is absurd. There has to be something else. How could it possibly be either of those things?

Doesn't it sound silly to you that Shanahan would sit or now possibly waive a perfectly healthy player with the credentials of McNabb after just trading for him. The guy has only played half a season? This is not a Randy Moss situation. You never hear a peep from the guy, no one ever questions his effort and he doesn't pose any locker room problems.

Is there something that they know about him now that they didn't know 8 games ago? He was in shape for the first 7 games and became out of shape sometime in the 4th quarter of the 8th game?

Didn't they vet him before the trade? We've heard the lame excuse about his physical conditioning. He didn't take a physical? He doesn't practice every day with the team? Didn't he just play in 7 3/4 games?

We've heard that he couldn't run the two minute drill. He's a veteran QB with an impressive 92-49-1 record that's been to a Super Bowl and a number of NFC Championship games and he doesn't have the mental capacity to understand the teams two minute drill? As absurd as that sounds, even if it were true, did he understand it for the first 7 games and all of a sudden forget how to do it?

So on the Redskins bye week, the Redskins bring in 20 players to work out, one of whom was JaMarcus Russell. Are they kidding me? Jason Campbell, the QB that wasn't good enough for their team is the guy who took Russell's place in Oakland! If they liked Russell better than Campbell, why didn't they make a trade last year and swap the two QB's? The Raiders would have given the Redskins Russell and a draft pick too! The fans of Raider Nation would have personally driven him across the country to ensure safe delivery.

Ok, so he wasn't indicted for stashing codeine when they raided his house. That makes him a viable NFL QB? I haven't been indicted for that either by the way; and furthermore, I have never had my house raided! Give me a shot! I might be Joe freakin' Montana!

Check out what Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, the son of head coach Mike Shanahan said. The kid's obviously a chip off the old block.......

"We'll evaluate him and everyone else out there. He is very talented, so I think he can overcome some of the stuff that he struggled with. I don't really know that personally, but if he looks like he's in good shape out here and he's working, that's all you can evaluate. Sometimes when guys do get a second opportunity, they can change their stripes."

According to several published reports, he has been working out in Houston with former NBA star John Lucas. John Luca is 57 years old! Ya think Russell can keep up?!

The only thing that JaMarcus Russell should be training for is the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest.

You can't make this stuff up. I don't know what to say. As long as Daniel Snyder owns the team, the franchise will be effe'd up. I would really like to find out the truth about what's going on with McNabb. Don't be surprised if he hit's the waiver wire lke Rand Moss.

Speaking of Moss, do you think you know where he'll go? See what others think and since it's election day, place your vote too. - Gregory Shapiro

Greg is an orthopedic surgeon that has a number of professional athletes including MLB & NFL players as patients. He's an avid MLB & NFL fan and fantasy participant with some unique insight into the world of professional athletes.

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