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My Interview with Disgraced NBA Ref Tim Donaghy

A couple of things… people thought I was too rough with him, but it was a reaction on my part, I think, to some of the softball interviews I’ve heard him do recently. You can hear today’s MSP interview with Donaghy, me and Chad here.

And really, do you actually think that a guy who would place illegal wagers on these games wouldn’t also attempt to influence outcomes so he’d win those wagers? Really? I just can’t imagine that.

And lastly, for him to claim he was one of the top 10 officials in the league is absurd. I don’t think anyone — coaches, players, evaluators, media, fans, ANYBODY — thought he ranked among the league’s best.

And the fact he never officiated past the second round of the playoffs bears that out. Because, folks, that is the way it works — best officials work the biggest games. And he never worked those games.

Listen to the interview here.

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