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The Tim Tebow Factor

Tim Tebow is more than just a football player. He is a name. I have had all sorts of people who don’t even watch football, step into my office to talk about him being a Bronco. Everyone knows Tebow. He is quite possibly the most divisive figure in football over the last decade. Only Tebow can have one great football mind like Tony Dungy say that he thinks that he will be great, and another great football mind like Dan Fouts say that he will fail miserably.

That is in essence why the Tebow pick was so publicized, and so why after he was drafted, everything else became a simple afterthought. Tim Tebow may end up being one of the biggest factors in the NFL play wise, but long before that, his presence alone will be a factor in the league. Wait, forget that. His presence in the NFL will be a factor in every single sector of the media.

I can prove this, by pointing to two different instances in one week. Notice how Tim Tebow is carrying a baseball bat in the above photo. He has been trying to tone his arm strength, and display his power stroke this week. His agent, apparently thought it was a good idea for him to hide in Memphis, to stay away from the media, and while he was there, he hit a few balls with Jimmy Sexton.

Tim Tebow hit all 15 balls thrown, and 12 of them were homers. That’s really good, but what does that have to do with his media presence? It made the news on hundred of baseball blogs, most notably Big League Stew. The MLB is right in the storm of their regular season, and people are blogging that Tebow hit a couple of homers for fun. No one in the NFL has created this kind of hype in decades!

You can’t turn anywhere and not be attacked by a storm of Tebow news. He has in only a few days, became one of the biggest names in the media. The hype can only go down from here, right?

Wrong. When a football player with this much hype comes around ala Reggie Bush, the next step is to sign a few big endorsement deals. Tebow has signed deals with EASports and Nike already, but he is waiting to start putting his name on products just yet. Instead, Tebow has made the decision he would first like to get ready for the NFL, before going and shooting commercials.

It’s definitely a good plan on his part. We like to talk about how the second contract is the most important contract you will ever sign, and that applies in this situation. If he becomes an actual star in the NFL through this same hard work, his value in endorsement deals will quadruple. We’re talking five times the deals that Peyton Manning ever got!

Here’s while Tim Tebow is such a valuable endorsement deal: Not only does he have more hype than any other player in the NFL right now, but he is the kind of player who you know won’t be getting into any bad stuff three years down the road. There’s no concern that he will be Tiger Woods, Michael Vick or Ben Roethlisberger. Having that kind of security is invaluable to companies.

With this kind of presence in the media already, there is no telling what he will bring the next few years here. Tebow may be a factor playing, but even more than that, he will be a factor in selling tickets, and making money for the Broncos. Josh McDaniels made a great pick here in many aspects.

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