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How Much will Saints Really Miss Reggie Bush?

The New Orleans Saints are expected to play without Reggie Bush for at least six weeks, but that shouldn't slow down the offense significantly -- despite the MNF crew calling the loss "catastrophic."

Bush broke his leg Monday night against the San Francisco 49ers, and although he will be missed in certain spots, quarterback Drew Brees can shoulder a ton of offensive responsibility.

If Bush was a more integral part of the Saints attack the situation might be different. But New Orleans doesn't use The Former Heisman Winner nearly as much as they should. Before getting injured, Bush carried the ball just 7 times for 18 yards. You can't argue with the Saints' winning formula but, at the same time, not using a guy with his explosiveness still seems strange.

The rap against Bush is that he never turned out to be that great back all expected when he was drafted. How could he? With carries in the single digits and appearances strictly on second and third down plays, no back can show how good he is.

For what Bush does for the Saints, they could have drafted a utility back with a much cheaper contract. Bush's talents are currently being wasted in New Orleans, but with a Super Bowl under the team's belt, trying to tell the Saints what they're doing wrong is likely to fall on deaf ears.

Lack of playing time aside, the bad news for Bush is this isn't the first time he's been injured. In fact, Bush has missed 12 games in his career already, not counting the games he will miss this season. Broken legs are bad for any pro athlete, but particularly a running back. The question now is whether Reggie Bush will come back as strong as was before the injury. Only time will tell, but even if he doesn't, the way the Saints use him he won't have to be 100%.

Maybe that's the Saints’ philosophy. Reggie Bush is good, really good, but he is injury prone. Using him the way they do may extend his career and reduce the chances of injury. If that is indeed their philosophy, then it backfired this week.

The Saints certainly don't have the toughest schedule in the league, so they should be able to get by without Bush. They showed (again) Monday night they can move the ball without him, although the threat he represents when on the field will be missed. Will he still be that threat when he returns? Time will tell.


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