The Reggie Bush Saga Reveals Hypocrisy of USC

If you’re anything like this LSU fan, you didn’t need another reason to hate USC. In the wake of the school being exposed for essentially “looking the other way” while its star athletes like Reggie Bush allegedly broke the rules, USC has decided to play the role of the victim.

The school got rid of Bush’s “tainted” Heisman trophy and is removing murals dedicated to Bush. It’s all in an effort to separate the school from the player. Yeah, because poor little USC got blind-sided and taken advantage of by a 19-year-old kid and suddenly that Heisman Trophy and all the millions that came with his accomplishments makes them feel dirty. Give me a freakin’ break.

When we strip off our Rose Bowl colored glasses, it’s easy to see what these “dramatic measures” are all about: Good, ole fashioned posturing with a not-so-subtle, creamy layer of ass kissing. When the NCAA slapped the university with sanctions and a ban from bowl games for the next 2 seasons, head honchos like president-elect Max Nikias clearly started scrambling for ways to knock off that feathered, trojan helmet and replace it with a halo.

But let’s face it, if Reggie Bush and other players were getting their pockets laced from outside sports marketers and agents, is it really plausible that USC had no clue? I mean, the fancy new cars, limo rides, the new house, the splashy jewelry…none of that raised a red flag? Plus, it’s not like he wasn’t getting special treatment from the institution itself. Now, USC suits want to act like Reggie wronged them and single-handedly corrupted the legacy of the school’s football program during his tenure. It’s just pathetic.

If rules were

broken, then yes, there should be consequences, but USC should just take its medicine, clean house and move forward. Trying to finger-point, play dumb, and throw the players under the bus once the shit hits the fan is a jerk move and speaks volumes about the greed and unethical practices of college football programs in general.

Giving back Reggie’s Heisman and taking down a mural won’t reverse the sanctions or erase the past…nor will it erase his contributions on the football field.


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