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Alistair Overeem Crowned K-1 Grand Prix Champion

Despite the well documented financial constraints surrounding Japan’s FEG, the company none the less held one of the most prestigious K-1 World Grand Prix of all time.  With a tournament filled with a cast of all stars from the world of kickboxing.  With names like Peter Aerts, Gorkhan Saki, Tyrone Spong, Semmy Schilt, and Alistar Overeem, this year’s Grand Prix was hyped as the one not to miss. 

You know too often events of this magnitude fail to live up to the hype.  However, this was not the case on Saturday morning as this years Grand Prix not only lived up to the hype, but it very well surpassed it.  It was a night of miraculous upsets, sentimental favorites recapturing glory, and the immergence of a bona fide superstar to transcend the sport. 

If one thing will be remembered from this epic night will be the immergence of Alistair Overeem who captured the title and made history as being the first fighter to hold a heavyweight title in MMA and the title of K-1 Champion.  Overeem’s quest for K-1 glory was not an easy one as the Dutch muay thai specialist had to go through fire before besting sentimental favorite Peter Aerts in a glorious final bout. 

Overeem’s star power was clearly part of the reason FEG had him in the tournament, but his ever evolving skill set may have solidified his place in K-1 along names like Aerts, Spong, and Semmy Schilt. 

Tournament Results

K-1 Grand Prix Finals
Alistar Overeem 1st RD TKO Peter Aerts

Peter Aerts MD Semmy Schilt
Alistar Oereem 1st RD TKO Gokhan Saki

Peter Aerts 1st RD KO Mighty Mo
Semmy Schilt UD Kyotaro
Gokhan Saki SD Daniel Ghita (Needed an extended round)
Alistair Overeem UD Tyrone Sprong

Photo © FEG, Inc.


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