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The Reason Floyd Mayweather is Ignoring Fans, Pacquaio

With the boxing world hungry, I mean starving, for this generation’s mega fight between Money Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio, we are left only to digest Floyd’s last public statement.

"I'm just relaxing; I fought about 60 days ago, so I’m enjoying myself, enjoying life, enjoying my family, enjoying my vacation."

Negotiations failed for the second time when Bob Arum, Top Rank owner and Manny Pacquaio promoter, gave Mayweather Jr. a public deadline; which didn’t even arouse a defensive response from Floyd. Since then, it’s been an all out blitz trying to corner Pretty Boy Floyd to speak out. Headline after headline has characterized Floyd as a coward, hoping it would lure the undefeated boxer into a press conference. The only thing the scrutiny has provoked is more frustration, and a continued silence from the Mayweather camp.

I must admit there isn’t a boxing fan more frustrated with this pound-for-pound king drama that doesn’t seem to have an ending. First Pacquaio received the blame, now Mayweather has inherited it, and the bottom line is the fight isn’t happening, at least not this year. 

I’ve followed Floyd Mayweather most of his career and I haven’t seen a more masterful boxer since his 41-0 career began. With his less than modest approach to the media and verbal assault of opponents before fights, it's no wander he has became boxing's own public enemy number one.  I believe Floyd relishes in that title because it is one reason he is also the sport’s biggest draw.

Love him or hate him, you pay to see him fight. Over the years boxing analysts have picked many fighters to be the Mayweather code cracker; only to be let down after Floyd dominates them. Instead of a humble recant of failed predictions it’s often an excuse on behalf of the losing opponent, but never to Floyd’s credit.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you guys when Floyd will fight again, or if he is going to fight Pacquaio, but I can tell you why he is ignoring us. It’s because Floyd Mayweather is patient, which is a trait that has contributed to his success. He has never lost a fight; even in the most pressing situations his patience in the ring has allowed him to outsmart all of those opponents. He has managed to return to boxing after a twenty one month layoff and become the sports main topic.

Floyd has never been at a loss for words and all of a sudden doesn’t jump to defend his name. A name he is very proud of and considers the GOAT. To understand his approach or non response you have to understand Floyd Mayweather, the business man.

First let me state, the reason this fight not taken place yet has nothing to do with a fear of losing.  All fighters, undefeated or not, deal with the fear of losing. Champions respond to the fear with confidence and courage, trusting their preparation. In one breath, we credit Mayweather for his business sense and self promotion, and in the next breath we claim he would pass on the biggest grossing fight in history to protect his record. A claim that’s not consistent with the man we know as Money Mayweather.

The truth is he is being patient, and our journalistic antics will not force him to respond. Although negotiations were publicly ended by Bob Arum, he and Mayweather both know the negotiations for this fight are never ending. Both promotion companies know everything that happens to their fighter before the two fighters meet at the table either gives or takes away leverage.

Mayweather never had intentions of fighting again this year, as he never stated nor implied that he would. That’s the reason he never even acknowledged Bob Arum’s deadline. We wanted it, but the problem is we are not patient, and we shouldn’t be. We are boxing fans who are desperate for this matchup. And that is the very reason Floyd isn’t rushing to appease us, at least not in November. Is the sport suffering so much that we can’t respect when someone says they are taking a break? The very character traits that we try to balance as human beings, we are telling Floyd to deny.

I believe Floyd wants to fight Manny, even more than Manny wants to fight him, but Mayweather also feels he is the bigger draw. Floyd is being patient because Arum is watching and looking for a way to get an advantage. Floyd is showing he is in control and even media pressure will not help Arum get favorable leverage.

The fact that we are discussing this more than Pacquaio’s next fight is the reason he knows he doesn’t have to speak right now. Just recently, Pacquaio called out Mayweather, something Floyd has been trying to provoke since the beginning. You tell me, in his silence who is gaining leverage? His opportunity to speak out will come. November 13, Arum and Pacquaio are fighting for leverage, meanwhile Floyd is sending the message he doesn’t have to fight for something he has already earned.  I’m talking about negotiating power.


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