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The Texas Rangers Love to Run Against the Boston Red Sox

The Rangers stole 9 bases tonight in a loss to the Red Sox, all of them against Tim Wakefield and Victor Martinez.  They had two players with 3 stolen bases (Elvis Andrus, Nelson Cruz) and that is only the 13th time that a team has had 2 players with at least 3 stolen bases in one game:

1921 (Browns), 1922 (Browns), 1931 (Brewers), 1934 (Red Sox), 1982 (Braves), 1985 (Cardinals), 1986 (Dodgers), 1990 (Cardinals), 1991 (Cardinals), 1992 (Brewers), 2000 (Marlins), 2009 (Rangers), 2010 (Rangers)

The most recent game was...Red Sox at Rangers (August 15, 2009): In a 7-2 victory, the Rangers stole 8 bases against the Red Sox: Ian Kinsler (1), Elvis Andrus (3), Julio Borbon (4).  6 were against Brad Penny and Jason Varitek and 2 were against Fernando Cabrera and Jason Varitek.

Elvis Andrus (who made his ML debut in April of 2009) is one of three players to be one of the teammates with 3 steals in multiple games.  The others were George Sisler (St. Louis Browns 1921, 1922) and Ozzie Smith (St. Louis Cardinals 1990, 1991). 

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