Raiders Real Problem Isn't On the Roster

The only team in the NFL with no place or direction is the Oakland Raiders. It’s sad because most of their problems are because of poor decisions in the front office, which makes the Raiders organization a joke to all NFL fans alike.

While one of the greatest and most loyal fan bases in NFL history cheers on their beloved Raiders week after week, 81-year old owner, Al Davis, is stuck in 1978.

Before this season kicked-off, Davis compared his 2010 Raiders to the 1980 Raiders team that won the Super Bowl. He even compared Jason Campbell to Jim Plunkett.

“I see this young Jason Campbell as a football player like I saw Jim Plunkett,” said Davis. “He has everything … I really predict great things for him. I really hope he doesn’t let me down. I don’t think he will.”

Well, so much for that. 1980 must have been a lot different because Bruce Gradkowski has taken Campbell’s starting spot. As for the Campbell-Plunkett comparison, I find it to quite humorous. Who would want to be compared to Jim Plunkett anyway? He’s the only NFL quarterback to start, and win, two Super Bowls without being voted to the Football Hall of Fame, and he’s only the forth-leading passer in Raiders history. The guy happened to be the quarterback on a couple great teams that won Super Bowls.

The only good call Al Davis ever made was hiring John Madden as head coach. During Madden’s 10 years as the big cheese, he won 103 games.

Since then, he has made Sebastian Janikowski, who missed a game-winning chip shot in week three, and Darrius Heyward-Bay the highest paid players at their positions. Not to mention the excruciating pain and suffering Raiders fans have endured since Oakland went to the Super Bowl in 2002 when Rich Gannon was the quarterback.

The best move Al Davis could possibly make at this point is to separate himself from Oakland as far as possible. But who am I to defy Al Davis? There’s always that possibility the Doc will really invent that time-traveling DeLorean to bring back Jim Plunkett. 


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