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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 17-32

17. New England – J.J. Watt (DE, Wisconsin)

A perfect fit for New England in a versatile defense end that has a great motor. The Patriots are still in desperate need of finding someone to replace Richard Seymour. Watt seems to be the prototypical perfect fit to fill this hole. He is way to tempting for New England to pass on.

18. San Diego Chargers – Aldon Smith (DE-LB, Missouri)

The best Linebacker/Defensive end out there will give the Chargers a much needed boost in the pass rushing department. Smith is an athletic freak, getting comparisons from players such as Jason Pierre-Paul and Demarcus Ware. This athletic potential won’t allow Smith to drop further than pick number 18. The top rated linebacker/defensive end is a perfect fit for San Diego.

19. New York Giants – Anthony Constonzo (OT, Boston College)

This is one of those perfect fit picks. The Giants, Tom Coughlin in general, love grabbing guys from Boston College and are in need of some help at the offensive tackle position. Insert Anthony Constonzo of Boston College, who is the top rated tackle, with Tyson Jackson off the board. If Constonzo is still on the board, expect him to be wearing Giant blue next season.

20. Tampa Bay Bucs – Justin Houston (DE, Georgia )

With Gaines Adam not working out and the Bucs offensive side of the ball full of young play makers they look to add the best defensive end available. There is some question marks surrounding Houston about his pass rushing ability, but his aptitude as a hard worker and strong showings at the combine should push him right into the Bucs lap.

21. Kansas City Chief – Gabe Camiri (OT, Wisconsin)

There has been one description that keeps following around Camiri and that is toughness. Camiri should be able to step in immediately in to any 0-line and be a top notch player. The Chiefs should look to grab him to fill their void at right tackle.

22. Indianapolis Colts – Nate Solder (OT, Colorado)

In a move that could help push along the negotiations for Peyton Manning in the right direction, the Colts grab him some help on the offensive line. Manning could use a new big old offensive lineman to help make some holes for his running back and give him some time in the passing game. The only thing pushing Solder down here is some pre-draft comparison to a few draft flops.

23. Philadelphia Eagles – Mike Pouncey (OG-C, Florida)

Pouncey’s ability to play both guard and center could shoot him up the board, much higher than 23. Teams love versatility and finding a guy who could either fill in or start at center is just plain rare. The Eagles have a need at guard and should see Pouncey as the perfect fit.

24. New Orleans Saints – Muhammad Wilkerson (DT, Temple)
The Saints have need at both defensive tackle and defensive end. Wilkerson would give the Saints help at both positions. His size allows him to clog the middle, but he also has the quickness to be able to play at end. He is a perfect fit for a 4-3 defense looking for a player to play multiple postions.

25. Seattle Seahawks – Andy Dalton (QB, TCU)
All the pre-draft blub has the Seahawks making Dalton the fourth overall quarterback taken in this draft. Dalton continues to gain steam as a first round pick and his intangibles as a quarterback continue to grow. Questions about his arm continue to dwindle, making him a perfect fit for the Seahawks. With questions surrounding Hasselbeck’s return and the fact that Charlie Whitehurst is not a long-term solution, Seattle will be willing to reach a bit for Dalton.

26. Baltimore Ravens – Jimmy Smith (CB, Colorado)
The Ravens are in desperate need of finding some long term help at the cornerback position. Their cornerback situation was horrendous last season as they dealt with a crowd of players who were both getting old and injured. This is usually about the time where teams start drafting more based on needs than talent.

27. Atlanta Falcons – Kyle Rudolph (TE, Notre Dame)

With Tony Gonzalez in what should be the twilight of his career, the Falcons look to grab the top rated tight end. Having two solid tight ends would allow the Falcons to both rest Gonzalez and give them mismatches going forward. Add in the fact that they could transition Rudolph, who would practice and learn everyday from Tony Gonzalez, why wouldn’t the Falcons grab Rudolph?

28. Minnesota Vikings (From New England) – Christian Ponder (QB, FSU)

If there is one thing the Patriots love doing every draft it is trading their first round pick for more picks and a future first round pick. The Vikings should be the team willing to jump back into the first round and grab a quarterback. I have a hard time believing that they see Joe Webb as the future. Ponder’s arm strength will push him to be the fifth quarterback.

29. Chicago Bears – Danny Watkins (OT, Baylor)

The Bears are going to take the top rated offensive lineman. Any novice person knows this is their biggest need. Watkins should be the best available at this point and immediately snatched up by the Bears.

30. New York Jets – Phil Taylor (NT, Baylor)

The reports are that the Jets really like Phil Taylor. It also would fill a huge void left from the departure of Kris Jenkins. Taylor’s 334 pound body should clog the middle for the Jets here in the near future. The only other thing that Jets might look at is reaching for a wide receiver or some help at the linebacker postion.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers – Aaron Williams (CB, FSU Texas)

Williams should slot in nicely for the Steelers. The Steelers are looking to add some depths in the secondary and Williams is versatile enough to play both corner and free safety. This pretty much allows the Steelers to test the waters to see if Williams can cut it at corner, but still have the fail safe of being able to put him at safety

32. Green Bay Packers – Cameron Heyward (DE, Ohio State)
With Cullen Jenkins gone and Johnny Jolly dealing with some legal problems putting his season in the doubt, the Packers will look to add some depth at defensive end. At Ohio State, Heyward played multiple positions and should fit in nicely into the Packers 3-4 defense. Heyward has shown flashes of promise and continues to be a hard worker making him the perfect pick to play for Green Bay.


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