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The Packers Have Punch This Season

The Green Bay Packers have always been built on the spirit of formidable and fearsome players, not to mention one of the most famous head coaches (Vince Lombardi), one of the fiercest fan bases in the nation (they own stock in the team!), and the coldest weather conditions known to man at Lambeau Field on some unfortunate occasions for visiting teams.

This year this historical juggernaut of a team is not taking any chances and playing with much more passion and a better spirit of teamwork.

This is primarily thanks to the seasoned Aaron Rodgers taking charge of the offense with 5 touchdown passes already leading into week 4 and 759 yards through the air. As if that's not enough, Rodgers also has 49 yards rushing on 12 attempts with 2 rushing touchdowns.

He embodies a lead-by-example player, and the offense around him is performing better than ever. 

The receiving core complementing Rodgers is made up of Green-Bay Devotee Donald Driver (129 Yards, 2 TD) and the J-Team: Leading Receiver Jermichael Finley (265 Yards), Greg Jennings (136 Yards, 2 TD), James Jones (97 Yards, 1 TD), Brandon Jackson (49 Yards), and Jordy Nelson (53 Yards). The Green Bay Defense is nothing to underestimate, either.

This crew has 13 sacks already in a young season. Aside from a 3-point loss to the arch-rival Bears in Week 3, this team dominated much of the action against their adversaries so far this year. The Detroit Lions (0-3) will face them next followed by the Washington Redskins (1-2). These should be excellent tune up games for the Green Bay Packers to truly establish that offense so the defense doesn’t have to do much work at all.

The tune-ups will have to be true statement games if this team is to go toe to toe with the likes of the Dolphins, Vikings, and Jets in the following weeks.  If these games don’t season Rodgers to perfection and keep the defense working at optimal speed and effectiveness, the end of the season this year will be his ultimate proving grounds. Green Bay is a legendary team, and Aaron Rodgers has been a company man since 2008, slinging passes and taking names.

Brett Favre came back another year for their other arch-rival Vikings, which they play in weeks 7 and 11 this year. Favre’s so far a shell of what he was in his best years and not even half as good as he was last year. The only team the 1-2 Vikings have beaten leading into Week 4 is the 0-3 Lions.

This could be a very special season for the Packers, but the true test will come at the very end of the regular season with the triple threat: The Patriots, The Giants, and The Bears. How they handle these closing games will give their fans and other teams in the league an idea of how far they might get in the playoffs.

If they beat the Bears by a bunch in the last game of the year it's a huge lift and a great story. The Packers look playoff bound and can't be counted out with every facet of their game in fine tuned form.


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