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The Pack win Super Bowl XLV

Super Bowl XLV proved to be a startling collection of good, bad and ugly. Ugly was when around 1,250 seats already sold were declared unsafe and people who had coughed up $800-900 (or probably a lot more to scalpers) found themselves out of the stadium and out of the game. Eventually, 850 of these folks were distributed to other seats, but 400 were unable to attend the game for which they had waited for weeks, and for which many had traveled from halfway across the country.

Bad was when Christina Aguilera produced her own, slightly-different-from-the-original version of the national anthem and when the planes flew over the stadium in the wake of her performance, only to look down on a closed roof.

The half-time performance of the Black Eyed Peas – already billed the worst such bit in years – could only be called funny though. Nothing seemed to click for the Super Bowl XLV except for the enthusiasm of the fans and most importantly, the game itself.

The game indeed saved the day. All the side distractions and personal woes of various artists and other such auxiliary personnel shoved aside, Super Bowl XLV turned out great.

It didn’t start out in a particularly promising way though, as the Packers seemed to storm to a lop-sided trouncing of the Steelers early on. That’s not how Super Bowl games are written though. No fewer than 3 Packers fell to injury to make things interesting again, and sure enough, the Steelers took their chance and stormed right back into contention.

In the end, in true Super Bowl style, it all came down to the wire as Ben Roethlisberger was getting ready to pull out one of his trademark last minute daggers to stab it into the Packers’ hearts. The Pack however rallied and did what so many other NFL teams found themselves unable to do during the season: they stopped Big Ben in his tracks, making sure that the Vince Lombardi trophy would head home this time around.

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