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MMA Analysis: Fedor's Retirement, UFC 127, Strikeforce

For a while now I have been writing and commentating on different subjects, now I have decided to finally comment on several subjects on here. I will still go more in depth on the site but on The Opinion Zone it will be quick and fast… that’s what she said.

-First off let’s talk about Fedor; right now the question is should he retire? The answer, I say, is…no. But, he does need to make changes and one of them should be to drop down in weight class. The heavyweight division is getting bigger, faster, and better rounded; Fedor is still in the same spot he was in 3 years ago, but this time on a losing streak. The drop down in class would give him more momentum and be a dangerous striker with his size. The second thing that he should think of doing is getting away from Russia to train.

-Now we move from one fighter that should stay to another that should hang it up. Andre Arlovski suffered his third knock out in four fights and still is thinking about fighting again. Right now he is suffering from, what I call, Iceman syndrome; where his chin has turned to glass and the best thing to do is retire. Now, Chuck Liddell had Dana White saying he was done in public and made it clear that in no way would Liddell fight in the octagon, but who is doing that for Arlovski? A fighter’s health and well being are more important than the amount of viewers he brings in.

-Strikeforce hit a grand slam with this heavy weight tournament, the brackets and the match ups was what everyone was looking forward too. The first 2 quarter final matches went on without any hitches, but the same cannot be said about the last two quarterfinal matches. With just over a month away the April 9th Strikeforce still does not have a location. There were talks of Japan, Texas, Canada, Florida, and now California; the main problem…Josh Barnett. Back in 2009 Barnett was scheduled to face Fedor Emelianenko in the now defunct Affliction promotion, unfortunately he tested positive for a banned substance and subsequently had his license suspended. Barnett has yet to be issued a new license and has had many problems scheduling a fight since. So now it seems Strikeforce might just go back to host their April 9th show in California, but without the second half of the begging tournament.

-Strikeforce just recently held their Challenger series this past Saturday and showcased today’s up and coming talent. I have only one thing to say; can’t they at least have one big time name main event a show? This would give more of their roster TV time and showcase fighters that are on their way to a title fight soon. When you have guys like Tim Kennedy, Brett Rodgers, KJ Noons, Jorge Grugel, and so on do you really want them to wait around?

-So instead of a rematch between Rampage and Evans it will now be Hamill and Rampage. I like this match up better; I have to admit I was pumped for Evans vs. Rampage II, but after remembering how let down I was at the last fight it’s a good thing to hold this one for a while.

-Tito Ortiz is out with his bout with Nogueira; hopefully it won’t be long before we see the Hunting Beach Bad Boy. But, it gives Phil “Mr. Wonderful” a chance to main event.


I’m only going off the main card; the ones I think that will win are in BOLD print.

Middleweight bout:  Kyle Noke vs. Chris Camozzi
Welterweight bout: Chris Lytle vs. Brian Ebersole
Lightweight bout: George Sotiropoulos vs. Denis Siver
Middleweight bout: Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera
Welterweight bout: BJ Penn vs. Jon Fitch

Look for the Zone next week.


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