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The NFL offseason: free agents and offseason moves

With the Super Bowl XLV behind us, bloopers, trip-ups, blunders and all, it is time for diehard football fans to ignore the fact that we may not even have a next season and to take a look at the possible offseason moves that various teams and players may undertake.

There’s been a lot of speculation on whether or not Brett Favre will yet again return, but with this much time gone by and with the 41-year old apparently sticking to his decision, it may be time for those speculations to be put to rest. Other players like Michael Vick or Payton Manning are only now entering the arena of speculations though. These two have their contracts expiring during the offseason, which would theoretically make them both free agents. It is highly unlikely though that either the Indianapolis Colts or the Philadelphia Eagles will let their franchise players go. Both front offices have expressed hope that new deals would be reached and that both players would be re-signed. The Colts’ Jim Irsay went as far as to say that he would make Manning the best paid player in the NFL.

On the other hand, the Michael Vick thing seems to be a non-issue on account of the fact that Vick wants to return to the Eagles for several reasons. First of all, there is a sense of obligation towards the franchise that brought him back into the league in 2009, then there’s simply a sense of loyalty on his part and the assumption that his career cause is best forwarded by sticking with the Eagles. Even if both individual deals involving these two players fail, the teams are likely to apply the franchise tag in both cases, regardless of the fact that the effectiveness of the tag is currently on the line, questioned by the NFLPA. The bottom line: expect these guys’ contracts to shoot to top priority status for their teams as soon as the league’s activity is resumed under the new CBA.

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