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The More You Talk About Tebow, the More Money He Makes

In less than a week, the discussions over what team will pick Tim Tebow, and at what position in the draft, will be gone.  We will know where Tebow will call his new home (where you will buy NFL tickets to go see him) and whether he was a first, second, or third round pick. No matter what round Tebow is selected in, he is already profiting off of the popularity of his name appearing over and over again on paper and on television. On January 4th, I predicted this would be the case. The fact that so many people had something good or bad to say about Tebow and his “ability” made him newsworthy every day leading up to the draft. As I wrote a few months ago,

Tim Tebow shows his emotions.  If he is not smiling on the field, he is probably crying, but he is a guy who any team would want on their side and any company would want endorsing their products.  Whether he makes it as a professional Quarterback or not, he will be successful in life and a great return for any company that invests their money in him.

Nike agreed by giving him roughly $300,000 per year (plus heavy incentives) in a shoe and apparel deal. Meanwhile, Tebow is signing autographs at $160 a pop. Don’t worry – Tebow is donating a lot of the money he earns – only making him even more marketable. And a good friend of mine, Ryan Totka of, has been busy booking Tebow in speaking engagements for college, churches, and corporations.

So when I read that,

Multiple companies told him before the Super Bowl that they could not let him represent their products if he went ahead with his pro-life commercial at the Super Bowl. But Tebow said losing sponsors was a small price to pay for the ability to spread his message about family and faith.

I didn’t feel too bad for him. He said that comment in a paid speech at Lipscomb University. He has Nike and EA Sports (who named him NCAA Football 11 Cover Athlete) feeding him money. He continues to be on top of the world. As I said to Nathan Crabbe of The Gainesville Sun back in January,

“He will be getting endorsements before he even touches the ball. Tebow’s display of Bible verses in his eye black means most people already associate him with his religious beliefs. Even fans who support abortion rights might respect him for standing up for his beliefs”

[This article originally appeared on the Sports Agent Blog]


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