MLB Gods Ultimately Prevented the Rapture

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This past Friday, I wrote a piece on how there were certain sporting signs that the beginning of the end was upon us. Yet “Doomsday” passed, and we are all still here. Even the Chicago White Sox are still here. I know Hawk Harrelson expected “The Good Guys” to be raptured.

Yet as I reflect on some Major League Baseball trends, I truly realize why there were no disasters or disappearances. There was no rapture at the Marlins-Rays series, the ballpark is always empty like that. The Baseball Gods stepped in and did not let the beginning of the end set upon us. Here are some clear signals that the world was simply not ready for Doomsday. The world cannot face the end when there is too much going on in the Major Leagues that needs to be addressed. Here are just a few notables.

  • Derek Jeter has not reached 3,000 hits yet: You just know he is going to reach the milestone in July against the Mets. Lest we remind you, Jeter is God, or at least he is to Yankees fans, and the world cannot end until he considers retirement. So we are at least a few years away.
  • No one has caught Jose Bautista yet: He’s gotta be juicing, right? We have to nail him! Considering Curtis Granderson is not too far behind Bautista and he is one of the most level-headed guys in the game, I will venture to guess that PEDs are not affecting this year’s home run race.
  • The Boston Red Sox are not in first place: I still say they will win the AL East this year. We were not ready to end it all with Boston mounting a push towards the top after an awful start.
  • The Cleveland Indians are in first place: Surely, the world cannot end like that.
  • The Kansas City Royals are in third place: See above
  • The Seattle Mariners are in third place and near .500: Ditto
  • Chase Utley was not back from the DL yet: Phillies fans and Fantasy Baseball players were not going to wait so long for nothing, ya know.
  • Chipper Jones is not on the DL: Surely, the end cannot come if he is on the active roster.
  • Jose Reyes is still a Met: Tom Seaver recently said that if they could trade him, they could trade anyone. There must be more Mets heartbreak, we are not finished.
  • Hanley Ramirez and Albert Pujols are slumping: They must turn things around soon, or the world is going to stop spinning on its axis.
  • Bartolo Colon is still in the Yankees rotation: And they have not tried to acquire Tim Lincecum to replace him yet.
  • Mr. Met is not on the DL: He is the only guy in uniform not to land there yet.
  • The Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series: Well, guess we will be here for all eternity.

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