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2010 NBA Free Agent Recap and Analysis

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It’s all over…finally. Well technically it’s just the beginning, but "The Decision" is over. LeBron James has decided to leave his home and travel down to South Beach to team up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to form quite possibly the most explosive trio the NBA has ever seen. Cleveland fans across the country feel betrayed that the King, their King, has left the building--and rightfully so.

No matter the outcome, this move for LeBron will tarnish his legacy as one of the NBA’s All-Time Greats.  The sports world will always wonder if King James could have won a title in Cleveland after finding the right pieces to place around him. His decision shows that he doubts himself as a leader, and has no belief in the organization that he brought oh-so-close-to-glory in his seven seasons as a Cavalier.  LeBron must not know his history or failed to realize that even the great Michael Jordan struggled for several years in Chicago before finding the right combination of players to lead into the NBA’s biggest stage.

Forever, LeBron will be known as the player who couldn’t get it done on his own, the player who didn’t have the heart to will his team to victory as other greats like Kobe Bryant, Isaiah Thomas, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Jordan have done. Sure each of these great players had a great sidekick or two, but each was always the main man in town and LeBron proved he lacks the skills to be "The Man." LeBron failed to take on the challenge of coming to a terrible team and leading them to a championship, thus proving that his title of “the Chosen One” was given in vain. LeBron chose the easy road to a ring.


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