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MLB News: Possible Derek Jeter Train Wreck

Earlier today Jon Heyman from SI tweeted that the Boston Red Sox tried to wrestle Mariano Rivera away from the New York Yankees.

SI_JonHeyman #redsox tried to steal rivera with 3-year offer, im hearing. 2 more teams also offered 3. but rivera is close to $30-mil deal with #yankees

Last week, we discussed Derek doing a Reverse Babe Ruth and going to the Red Sox. If it's true that the Red Sox made an attempt to land Rivera, why would it be so farfetched for the Red Sox to make a play for Derek Jeter? Think of the chaos in world order if Jeter even so much met with the Red Sox to discuss the prospects of such a happenstance! The earth might actually tilt on its axis from the shock.

C'mon, admit it. Everyone likes to watch a train wreck. That's why reality TV shows are so popular. I've been trying to think of the biggest sports PR train wrecks we've had lately and the first thing that came to my mind was Tiger Woods. But that was just a personal train wreck and no team was involved.

I thought the whole Ben Roethlisberger issue was going to be a PR train wreck, but these things tend to go away. No one really gives a poop, they just want to see him play football. Besides, the Steelers went 3-1 without him so it's hard to make a case that the franchise suffered in any way.

The Michael Vick / dog issue was certainly a disaster for all involved. The Atlanta Falcons certainly took a hit both on and off the field because of it. The thing is, as time has gone on, animal rights activists have lost their punch as people just want them to sit down or get out of the way because they can't see the game. As long as Vick is playing at the level he has been and making other world class athletes look silly trying to stop him, people will want to watch. As for the personal fortune the entire ordeal cost him, he's about to make it up on his next contract.

The Lebron James thing turned out to be somewhat of a PR train wreck, but I guess the jury is still out there. It's really too early to tell who will feel the effect the most, the Cavaliers, the Heat, or Lebron himself. What would be really cool is if Derek Jeter did go to the Red Sox and held an ESPN TV announcement show to announce it like Lebron did. C'mon, admit it. You would watch.......

P.S. - I put up the picture of Jeter with the Red Sox helmet on because one of our readers was offended by it. I like to antagonize when I can..... - Peter Costa (a.k.a. Roto Loser)

Pete is a serious Rotisserie participant playing the same league with the same guys for 19 years. Not only has Peter never finished in the money; he's now finished last 15 times and no higher than 10th (in a league with 14 guys). Join us in following Peter's trials, tribulations and frustrations, as he attempts to navigate his way out of the basement again in 2011.

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