NFL: Cowboys Done with Dez Bryant?


This was a little surprising to see. After a stellar rookie year where there were times when Dez Bryant was the best player on the field, there is a report that the Dallas Cowboys would consider trading the one guy who was consistently productive on offense.

At first, it started with former Cowboy Patrick Crayton going on a 103.3 FM in Dallas and talking about how the team was easy on Bryant.

“They let him get away with a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff,” Crayton said of Bryant. “Hopefully whoever they bring in as receivers coach, and they say [Jason] Garrett is a disciplinarian, won’t let him get away with so much stuff. He’ll get locked down and hopefully be the next Michael Irvin.”

Then the question of whether or not the Cowboys would trade Bryant was asked to a member of the Cowboys front office.

“I would think about it,” the source told Calvin Watkins of

However, of course the Cowboys have come out and publicly denied all of this. Stephen Jones called the report “totally wrong.”

But they have to deny it. Bryant can get sensitive and they don’t need him acting out at all. Of course we’ll all know at some point when they either trade him…or don’t.


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