The Celtics Have Officially Been Hit by the Shaq Attack

Considering the usually quiet and professional Boston Celtics have recently made headlines for dancing around in stupid Halloween costumes and smurf-like guard Nate Robinson doing trick dunks – it’s safe to say gang green has officially been hit by the “Shaq Attack.”

Ever since O’Neal’s amazing run with the championship Los Angeles Lakers (with one small Mavs-choke-induced exception on the Miami Heat) the big man with more nicknames than post moves has been nothing but a disappointment to every franchise that makes the mistake of bringing him in. Rather than providing veteran leadership and stability to potential contenders, O’Neal simply brings off-the-court hype, limited production and a whole lot of useless headlines -- none of which involve winning.

There’s a reason the Lakers, despite his desperate and somewhat sad public comments that he wouldn’t be opposed to returning to the defending champs, didn't want him back. That’s right, they would prefer a creaky Theo Ratliff backing up the oft-injured Andrew Bynum than have O’Neal’s overweight butt decked out in purple and gold again.

At one point...

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