NBA Analysis: Are Cavs Better than Knicks?


So the Cavs have beaten the Knicks. Three times. In a row.

How does that make you feel?

Personally, I’m hysterical with happiness. Despite the fact that the Cavs are having an awful season, with a record of 12 wins and 49 losses, they have been able to pull off wins against the Knicks, the Lakers and the Celtics.

Basically, all the big teams.

We may be the worst team this season, but the fact that we can still beat these top teams is the silver lining to a bleak season. If the Cavs can play as a team and beat the Lakers or the Knicks, it means they are only a few steps away from being able to beat other teams.

We just need to keep cheering them on.

And yeah, I know it stinks that we have a horrible losing season, and I should probably care more about the overall wins, not the wins against the big teams, but these are the teams that have been able to beat everyone else. If the Cavs can beat them, shouldn’t that mean that the Cavs can beat everyone?

Other teams < Lakers, Knicks, Celtics < Cavs

The Cavs just need to realize they do have a chance and step up to the plate. If they have the mindset that they’re better than everyone else, they’ll know that they have just as much of a chance at winning a majority of their games as everyone else.

But that all comes back to us: the fans. If we repeatedly show that we’re disappointed in the losses, it just makes them think we don’t support them. And what is a team without its supporters? Nothing. So as the fans, we need to support them no matter what, so they know we’re behind them.

I know it’s too late the save this season, but if the Cavs can keep their mind on who they beat this season, hopefully next season they’ll be able to beat even more teams.

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