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The Buffalo Bills: Disarray or Transition?

Players are cut in the NFL. There's nothing unusual about non-impact players being let go. Cutting your number one quarterback after three games is a little more surprising.

The Buffalo Bills are 0-3 this season and occupy the AFC East cellar. After two poor quality starts by quarterback Trent Edwards, he was benched in favor of five-year veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, who had a solid game against the New England Patriots. Even with the loss, Fitzpatrick took the starting job away from Edwards, rolling up more yardage and points in one game than Edwards was able to amass in his two starts combined.

Edwards was only benched for the one game though. The Bills placed him on waivers this week and will apparently go with Fitzpatrick the rest of the season, with Brian Brohm moving up to the number two quarterback slot. It apparently took the Buffalo Bills two regular season games to realize what they were unable to see all of training camp.

Edwards was quickly signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars to back up a struggling David Garrard. Chances are he will start again this season, given that Garrard's performance, thus far, has been even more disappointing than Edwards'. In all fairness to Edwards though, he may not be one of the top quarterbacks in the league, but at the same time, put Tom Brady on the Bills and see if he makes it to the Pro Bowl.

With Trent Edwards gone, the Bills used their open roster spot to sign rookie quarterback Levi Brown to the practice squad. Brown was cut by the Bills before the season began. Unless there was some kind of salary issue, the move doesn't make much sense. At 0-3, there are many things that aren't making sense for the Bills. Even as they signed Brown, they still have to make room for tight end Shawn Nelson, who will return next week after a four-game suspension. That means somebody else will be unemployed in Buffalo next week.

The Bills face the New York Jets on Sunday. The Jets have knocked off both the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots in the AFC East. Both of those teams have already beaten the Bills, and the Jets should beat them as well. There are hype rumors that the Jets are walking into a "trap game," and that the Bills are much better than they appear. The Bills may well be better than they appear, but they aren't better than the Jets. Look for them to be 0-4 after this week.


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