NFL Thanksgiving Preview: Saints vs. Cowboys


Three weeks ago, this would have been the game during which you should have scheduled your Thanksgiving feast while knowing that the Saints were comfortably feasting on the Cowboys. With Dallas now 2-0 under interim head coach Jason Garrett, this game is suddenly interesting again. The intrigue is increased by the Cowboys' victory over the Saints last year, when Dallas's defense gave Drew Brees fits all night long and ended New Orleans' hopes of an undefeated season.

Even though Wade Philips is gone, the Cowboys' players should still remember Brees' tendencies and weaknesses, and neutralizing DeMarcus Ware will be the key to winning the game for the Saints. Ware plays the weak side almost exclusively, which is one of the reasons why his sack numbers are so high - he almost never gets chipped by a tight end, and instead exploits one-on-one matchups with offensive tackles. The Saints will likely make their left side their strong side for most of the game, so that Brees can see Ware instead of having to worry about him coming from his blind side. Meanwhile, the Cowboys' offensive line, the team's weakest unit, will be struggling to handle the pressure, especially because New Orleans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is great at devising creative blitzes, and Dallas's running backs struggle at picking up the blitz.

Look for the Saints' blitzes to be too much for the Cowboys to handle, and for Jason Garrett to fall to 2-1 as an interim head coach.- Hank Koebler, IV

Hank is a sports journalist attending the University of Missouri's school of journalism.

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