NFL Thanksgiving Preview: Bengals vs. Jets


This will be the shortest of the three Thanksgiving previews, because quite frankly, there just isn't that much to say. You know it's been a long season for the Bengals when the Terrell Owens - Chad Ochocinco duo is not coach Marvin Lewis's biggest headache. Quarterback Carson Palmer, who's never been the same since a 2005 knee injury, has been horribly inconsistent, and it's hindered the Bengals' offense, which is loaded at all the skill positions, from performing at the level at which they should perform. The Bengals' defense has been absolutely riddled by injuries, and as a result, defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer hasn't been able to run the double A-Gap Blitz look that made his defense so successful last year.

The Jets, on the other hand, are downright scary. Their biggest potential weakness going into the season was second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has come into his own this season, and the Jets have been nearly unstoppable. Their offensive depth chart is practically a Pro Bowl roster, and this team is looking like one of the best in the AFC. They will devour the Bengals like pumpkin pie, and the Bengals' downward spiral will continue. - Hank Koebler, IV

Hank is a sports journalist attending the University of Missouri's school of journalism.

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