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Thanks But No Thanks: Heat Passes on Dampier

It appears the Miami Heat have disinvited center Erick Dampier from the coolest party in town. No LeBron James teaching him how to dougie. No front row seats to Dwyane Wade’s baby mamma drama. No witnessing Chris Bosh do…whatever it is Bosh does in his free time.

According to the Miami Herald, the Heat opted to not pursue Dampier as the final piece of their free agency puzzle. While rumors began floating around that injury concerns -- or a bad attitude -- may have caused the ultimate snub, the official story is that Miami says it has confidence in the four centers on the roster.

Mind you, the two biggest names on that Fearsome Foursome of Scrub Men are Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Joel Anthony. Ilgauskas is only on the team because of the umbilical cord that connects him and James, while Anthony’s face is used to dot the "i"s in the phrase “right place right time.”

With such a Division II group...

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