Thales Leites Responds to Anderson Silva: "We Were Never Friends"

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UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva was recently asked about his lack of a finish against Thales Leites when the two met back in 2009. Silva said that he didn't end the bout early because of his friendship with Leites.

Well, it didn't take Leites very long to respond to those claims. The fellow Brazilian and current Superior Challenge champion, sent a letter to Tatame in response.

"First of all, I would like to say Anderson has never been or went to Nova Uniao. I have never seen him around, we were never friends, only professional colleagues. No doubt he is a great fighter. If he was easy on me because he considers me to be his 'friend,' I don't agree. The fight was not finished because neither of us could do it. We all have good and bad moments in our career. There is no superman, we are all human beings."

The coach of Leites' team, Nova Uniao, also made a few remarks concerning Silva, as Andre Pederneiras said, "we do not agree with what he said about training on the team during preparation for that fight and, mainly, the way he mentioned our athlete Thales Leites. We are sad to hear him saying he took easy on the guy."

Leites has fought several times since leaving the UFC in 2009. He is 6-1 overall, including wins over such fighters as Dean Lister, Jeremy Horn and Matt Horwich.

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