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Texas Tech's Mike Leach Rips Players and 'Fat Little Girlfriends'

The Texas Tech Red Raiders have been a scoring machine over the last few seasons in college football -- but this year hasn't gone as planned. Despite a winning record at 5-3, Texas Tech finds itself 2-2 in the Big 12 and staring at a mid-level bowl game.

The team's play after a 52-30 blowout loss to Texas A&M didn't please head coach Mike Leach, who ripped his players and their "fat little girlfriends." Was it all said in jest? Well, if you watch the press conference footage, it's hard to argue that Leach is joking. He uses the term repeatedly and without hesitation.

You have to wonder how all this sits with (a) the actual girlfriends of Texas Tech football players (b) the Red Raiders football players (c) females at Texas Tech (d) and female athletes at Texas Tech. Watch the video and tell us what you think:


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