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Big 12 Still Alive and Well; Texas Turns Down Pac 10

Larry Scott, commissioner of the Pac-10 has confirmed in an email that Texas has turned down the invitation to leave the Big 12 and join the Pac-10 conference.

Texas May Be Pursuing Their Own TV Deal

This comes after is was said that Dan Bebe, Big 12 commissioner, went to the TV networks and to ensure the remaining teams the loss of the Denver and Nebraska market would not affect the league negotiation leverage, as once perceived. There are also talks of Texas getting their own network TV deal, which is a huge incentive for them to stay put. Going to 10-team league would five league revenues a huge boost.

The Lone question still remains with Texas A&M. Can they swallow their pride and continue to exist in a conference where they will always be second fiddle to Texas? Time will tell. This is one time Texas is heavily relying on his little brother.


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