Texas A&M to Replace Arkansas as South Carolina's Cross-Divisional Rival

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South Carolina president Harris Pastides has let it slip that in the future the Texas A&M Aggies will be the permanent cross-divisional rival in football. The Gamecocks have always played Arkansas as its cross-divisional opponent from the west but it now seems that will change.

An official announcement on this issue will be in about one to two weeks out but President Pastides seems to be floating the idea to get a gauge on the sediment of the USC fans.

Our take here at LOHD since the President wants a reaction -

Great news and make it happen Harry.

Having an Aggies – Gamecocks match-up each year would be great for the South Carolina football program.  Let’s face it, playing Arkansas was never too kind and this allows for a positive change for both programs. 

Arkansas has won five of the last six games against USC.  Making this switch, allows the Razorbacks to gravitate to a more nature foe in Missouri.

This change will allow USC to get some exposure in the Texas market, which is an area Coach Steve Spurrier has said he wants to recruit more in.  It gives a heck of a road trip for the fans and allows the Gamecocks to battle a program with a storied past.

The “12th man” vs. Cocky.  Love the idea and hope it comes to fruition now that the “cat is out of the bag.”

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