Texans Making Biggest Offer for Asomugha?


If ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is to be believed – and we don’t think he is – the Houston Texans could be major players in free agency. Specifically, we are talking about Nnamdi Asomugha, whose signing with Houston has had cold water thrown on it repeatedly by the local media this offseason. That was a Peter King sentence, wasn’t it? Don’t mean that in a good way.

So yeah, Mortensen says that the Texans will “probably” (oooohhh probably!! There is a good chance it will happen! Or it won’t!) make the biggest offer for the former Oakland Raider.

Nnamdi has been linked heavily to the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. But, it’s looking less and less likely that the Eagles will be his final landing spot. We still think the Cowboys are going to be major players for him, and maybe they won’t have to spend as much as Houston to land him. Unless there is a huge money disparity….why would he play for the Texans? Nice franchise, but not as close to winning as Dallas (despite their awful season last year).

Regardless of where he lands, Nnamdi will get paid big time. Someone is going to break the bank on him.


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