Texans Arian Foster Tears Muscle Fibers

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Houston Texans RB Arian Foster has had some hamstring issues this training camp. Just when he got healthy, he tweaked it again. And while he doesn’t like that people care more about their fantasy teams than they do about his personal health and well being, that’s just kind of the way it goes.

Foster recently tweeted a picture of his latest MRI, and ESPN Medical Analyst (we have a guy on staff to comment on injuries that he’s miles away from! Great job, ESPN!) Michael Kaplan said that it’s “very unlikely” that Foster will be ready for Week 1.

“He’s torn some of the muscle fibers, we’ll call it Grade 1 to 2,” said Kaplan. “There’s a fair amount of swelling and bleeding on the MRI, so this is real. … It’s gonna be a couple weeks at least. If you get him back too soon, he’s at a high risk of re-rupture. I think they’re gonna go a little slow with him.”

He could very well be correct. We have no reason to believe that Kaplan has a reason to …waaaaaiiiiiiiit. Just occurred to us. Has Kaplan had his fantasy football draft yet? Is he playing against Foster in Week 1? Is he trying to sell the guy who has Foster on a trade for Tashard Choice to plug his Week 1 gap? We’re very leery of this report now.

Actually, he’s spot on about the part of rushing him back. Even if he is healthy enough to go, why risk it and have your top RB have a bum hammy all year? This is certainly a situation to monitor. But, if you spent your top pick on Foster, you already knew that.

After Foster, the situation gets dicey. Gary Kubiak said a couple days ago that as of now, Derrick Ward is still running ahead of Ben Tate. Yeah, that sounds like a potential fantasy mess. And as for Steve Slaton, he’s had a hamstring injury of his own and seems to have completely fallen out of favor and might not make the team. There have been some Slaton trade rumors as well, although I’m not sure what they’d get for him.

UPDATE:ESPN‘s John Clayton weighed in on the injury as well…..although as much as he looks like a doctor, he isn’t.

“It does look like it’s going to be a 3-4 week injury,” said Clayton, referring to the MRI from Foster’s Twitter page. “The pictures don’t lie.”


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