Terrence Jones Makes Good on Promise, Gives Flowers to Louisville Cheerleader He Tackled


Former Kentucky star and soon-to-be NBA lottery draft pick, Terrence Jones, has had quite the few days.

First, he spent the weekend signing autographs for fans of all shapes and sizes. Literally. As in, he signed a pregnant woman’s bulging belly as well as some random baby.

Now, a few weeks after running over a poor, innocent Louisville cheerleader during the Kentucky Wildcats’ Final Four showdown versus Rick Pitino and Co., Jones is making headlines for keeping a pretty great promise he made shortly after that incident took place.

First, let’s review exactly what happened:

After that full body tackle, Jones was extremely apologetic about what transpired. (The girl needed stitches.) How apologetic? Well, he promised that, after everything was done with his team’s tournament run, he would drive down to wherever that cheerleader was at and personally deliver flowers to her.

On Monday, he lived up to his word.

As noted by the good folks at WHAS 11:

He offered to buy her flowers and on Monday night he delivered on his promise at Louisville Cheer and Dance.

"For her to get stitches during the game and it being my fault, I told her I would do it,” Jones said. “I just had to keep to my word.”

Logue said she was surprised he kept his word.

"I was surprised. I think it's really nice of him. I know he said he was going to do it, but I didn't actually think he would," cheerleader Jerica Logue said.

Jones said he was nervous about walking in to the UofL cheerleader’s practice.

"It went well. I was nervous walking in here. I've never been to cheer practice before," Jones said.

Everyone is always quick to judge Kentucky’s players, head coach and the way the basketball program is run. And given how things are done down there – it’s perfectly understandable that this is the case. But when they do something right, it’s important to acknowledge that as well.

And this week, by living up to his promise, Jones did something very, very right.

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