Louisville's Terrence Jennings Enters NBA Draft

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The UofL basketball program is out of control today; I can’t even leave the house without something happening. The latest bit of news comes in the form of junior center Terrence Jennings entering his name into the 2011 NBA Draft, but will not hire an agent. Here is what Rick Pitino told the Courier-Journal regarding TJ testing the waters:

“It will be great for T.J. to see how people work in this environment and the type of competition and I’ll get feedback from every general manager on what he needs to work on. I think it’s almost good because they’ll tell him, ‘You’ve got to get your rebound numbers up, you’ve got to get your balance better’ — all the things I’ve been telling him, they’ll reinforce it.”

I have no problem with TJ doing this.

Even though I think he made some improvements this past year, it was still obvious the overall message from Pitino just wasn’t getting through. Outside of a few games, TJ did not rebound consistently and there were still too many occasions in which he did not get up and down the floor the way he’s capable of. Perhaps hearing the same message from people affiliated with the NBA will cause the light to turn on for Terrence. If it does, it will only help Louisville next year.


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