Terrelle Pryor isn't Ready to be Raiders' Starting Quarterback Yet


It must have been hard for Terrelle Pryor to sit back and watch all these multi-dimensional quarterbacks take that next step and revolutionize the way many offenses operate. While he watched from the sidelines athletic quarterbacks like Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin and Cam Newton changed the way we look at the quarterback position. Now he wants his turn.

Speaking to the NBC sports network Terrelle Pryor said that “he is more than ready to win the starting job”. Speaking to ProFootballTalk he didn’t necessarily shy away from his comments, but took much of the go getter boisterousness out of them. Pryor, although being very confident in his abilities, refuses to assess the quarterback situation in Oakland. Pryor went on to say that "I don't really wanna give comparisons or anything like that because Carson (Palmer) does a great job of what he does, and I can also play too and do some things well, too”.

Pryor may be confident in his abilities, and there is nothing wrong with that. The sad truth is, he is nowhere near ready to be a starting quarterback in the NFL yet. That’s not to say that he can’t eventually develop into one, but no point rushing him in there.

There is only a small sample size to draw from when looking at Pryor’s ability to lead an offense in the NFL. In his one start, a week 17 loss to the San Diego Chargers, Pryor had his ups and downs. Pryor got off to an awful start and the Raiders went into the half down 17-7. He struggled to find a rhythm, looked very shaky and was indecisive. The second half didn’t start a whole lot better. Pryor was picked off on his first drive. From that point forward though Pryor found that next gear. He led the Raiders on a comeback run that led to the team getting within three points of a tie with just under two minutes left in play. Overall Pryor went a respectable if not spectacular 13 for 28 with 150 yards through the air and another 49 on the ground with 9 attempts. He had two touchdown passes in the air, one on the ground and one interception.

The game did very little to cement where Pryor’s development is at. At times he played like the athletic star quarterback the Raiders hoped they had landed in the third round of the supplemental draft. The only problem is, some of the negatives that the Raiders knew came along with Pryor were also on full display. His well documented struggles with accuracy and decision making came to the forefront alongside the positives.

Pryor has the potential to start, but it will work out much better for both sides if they give it another year. The original expectation was that Pryor would be a three year project coming out of the supplemental draft, so the Raiders and Terrelle Pryor aren’t too far behind. If all goes to plan. At this point though it serves neither the team or Pryor’s interest to make him the week one starter. The AFC West will be a much improved division next season, save for the Oakland Raiders. It will take more than Terrelle Pryor to get them out of the division basement, so why let his confidence get shattered as he tries to do so in vain? Pryor will get his chance someday, until then he’s one hell of an insurance policy.

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