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Tennis Player Bojana Jovanovski Goes to "Wrong" Carlsbad, No Tournament

America can be a confusing place. For example, there is New York, New York. There's Las Vegas, New Mexico and Denver, North Carolina. There are towns called Springfield in 35 states (not including the Simpsons mystery state even though we all know it's Ohio).

There are also two Carlsbads, and a Serbian tennis player wound up in the wrong one for a tournament.

According to a report from Yahoo! Sports, Bojana Jovanovski needed to get to the Carlsbad in California, but her travel agent booked her into the one in New Mexico. Obviously not a good travel agent -- the odd booking took Jovanovski on an odyssey her from Washington, D.C. to Dallas to Albuquerque to the wrong Carlsbad.

She found out when she got there Sunday night and her ride wasn't waiting for her. So she called the tournament, and was told the driver was waiting for her.

"I am the only person here," the 19-year-old said. "How can you not see me?"

"Are you in Carlsbad in California or in New Mexico?" asked the tournament official.

The official then booked her on a flight back to Albuquerque for the following morning, then a connection to San Diego. She arrived at the Mercury Insurance Open thirty minutes before her match was scheduled to start.

She fought gamely, but ended up losing in three sets.

Jovanovski said she will remain in Carlsbad to practice for another tournament in Toronto, Canada. Hopefully she has a new travel agent -- the El Paso Times points out that there are at least seven cities named Toronto stretched across the American Midwest.


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