Teddy Atlas Bashes Manny Pacquiao's Decision to Fight Marquez Again


Never one to bite his tongue, Teddy Atlas offered another particularly gutsy take on Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming fight against Juan Manual Marquez during an interview with David Tyler of Doghouse Boxing

Although most fans are moderately excited about the fact that the Filipino superstar has finally decided to square off against someone who may actually pose the slightest of challenges, Atlas isn’t so sure that this is the case.

"How old is Marquez?" Atlas replied, when asked about the coming match.

"I believe that he will be 38 when and if that fight takes place. Pacquiao is about six years younger and in his prime. Also, Marquez has bulked up in weight only once that I remember and that was in the Mayweather fight where he lost every round. Marquez is the smaller fighter. Also I have mentioned before on ESPN telecasts that I also judge a fighter not so much by age but the number of punches he has taken.

“Pacquiao has taken very little punishment in the last few years. The only strong area I see for Marquez is that his confidence level would be high because of the fact that he has fought him twice before...this would help his comfort level in that fight. But when it is all said and done, Pacquiao will be the heavy favorite to win the fight."

While Atlas may not be the most popular man amongst Pacquiao’s legion of cult followers, he makes a fair point. Pacquiao versus Marquez would have been an excellent fight a couple of years ago. (That's right, it already was.) But now, it feels as though this is just the latest in a long line of set-ups between the Filipino superstar and past-their-prime, older boxers.

You can read the full Doghouse interview HERE.


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