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Tebow Time? John Fox Talks Broncos Starting QB Spot

As expected, Denver Broncos head coach John Fox didn’t reveal on Monday who the team’s starting quarterback will be moving forward.

Fox noted that the players will be informed before an announcement is made to the media (the players will report to practice tomorrow morning).  Fox will be available to talk to the media follow tomorrow morning’s practice session.

“We’ll communicate with the people involved and the team long before we announce it,” said Fox on Monday. “That won’t be happening today.”

The players will have off on Thursday through Sunday (per the new CBA rules), but Wednesday’s practice schedule and media availability is listed as “To be established,” which could be because the team is preparing for a make-shift announcement press conference.

Expect an official announcement to come either tomorrow or on Wednesday (perhaps with an announcement tomorrow and press conference Wednesday).  At the conclusion of his Monday press conference, Fox thanked the media for their patience through the whole situation — the fans may not be as understanding.

It’s almost as if Fox is trying to tease us.  But I understand completely, of course he wants to tell the players before telling the whole world. Stay tuned…


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