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Tebow Lost Sponsors for Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad?

Former University of Florida QB Tim Tebow said at a speech in Nashville, TN recently that financially it wasn’t in his best interests to appear in a Focus on the Family advertisement during last year’s Super Bowl. Tebow was speaking at a Chrisitian college or something or other, and people actually paid $50 to listen to him speak.

I guess when you are in your early 20’s and just graduating college you have life all figured out and need to share your knowledge.

In making a point about doing what you believe in Tebow said several companies told him beforehand that he couldn’t endorse their company if he appeared in the pro-life ad. Tebow insisted he did it anyway because it gave him a chance to spread his message.

Tebow wouldn’t name the companies, but it doesn’t seem like he’ll be hurting for money anyway. He already has deals with Nike and EA Sports.


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