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Broncos Tim Tebow is Top-Selling NFL Jersey

NFL fans might not see much of Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow on the field this year (yes they will), but they’ll certainly see his jersey all over the stands. That’s right, Tebow was the top selling player jersey over the draft weekend, far surpassing any rookie or current NFL player.

“It’s a pretty substantial difference between him (Tebow) and the next guy,” NFL spokeswoman Joanna Hunter told Bloomberg.

In fact, Tebow’s jersey was the most ordered jersey since 2006, when partnered with GSI Commerce.

“Tebow trumped all of them,” Hunter told Bloomberg in a telephone interview. “So he’s off to a strong start.”

No one knows if this guy can play QB at the NFL level yet, but you have to say that so far he’s off to a great start as far as marketing. If he plays his cards right, he could be set for life even if he can’t play.


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